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Congratulations to Rope on CITC license

Rope Innovation obtains CITC license recently. According to the new policy of Saudi Arabia custom, only 4G GPS trackers that passed CITC certificate are allowed to import. With CITC license, Rope’s customers are able to do custom clearance without any worries.

Rope Launches 3G GPS Tracker M588G

Most of our mobiles are using 4G network, according to the experts’ prediction- 5G (fifth-generation)will put into use in 2020. Standing in the GPS tracker industry, why most of our devices still remain in 2G? The reality – if you’re not going forward, you are going backwards, particularly in scientific field, is rather distinct. According […]

Reasons Not to Dismiss GPS Devices for Your Car

Rik Paul, the autos editor at The Wirecutter, testing GPS systems on the road. One big advantage a car GPS unit has over phone apps: It doesn’t need a data connection to plot a route. The smartphone has replaced so many other devices and tools — cameras, notebooks, tape recorders — that I thought the […]

Japan Is Tagging and Tracking the Elderly With Stickers

The oldest country in the world is taking new steps to keep their wandering elders in check: adding barcodes their thumbnail and toenails. It’s creepy, but potentially life saving. A company in Iruma, a city about 40 miles from Tokyo, is rolling out a tagging system for elderly patients suffering from dementia: a transparent, one-inch […]

City GPS Trackers Helping with Efficiency

Long idling times for vehicles, joyriding and other misuses — a 2014 J5 Broaddus study of Global Positioning System (GPS) data from trackers mounted on Columbus city vehicles found these and other inefficiencies. Now, Oktibbeha County supervisors are hopeful a similar, in-house analysis will cut wasteful habits in its road department. As last week’s conversation […]

GPS Trackers to Help Tackle Littering Problem

IT IS an age-old problem but new technology is helping to tackle the scourge of litter. Three GPS trackers released into Brisbane Water have given a whole new meaning to the term “message in a bottle” as part of the state government’s efforts to tackle littering. The trio of bottles — all fitted out with […]