Our Valued Partners

For over 10 years, Rope has established long term partnership with many big and powerful companies. The following list is  some of them for your reference.



Rope Innovation is the top leader in the GPS industry. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Rope Innovation provides the completely GPS tracking solution, including hardware development & manufacturing, and software platform development. Rope’s extensive product range covers vehicle tracker, personal tracker and pet tracker, and we have the world’s first cloud cluster server based GPS tracking platform.

In order to work together with more excellent companies for win-win business, Rope Innovation is looking for oversea distributors. Contact us to find out more details about this opportunity.

Your benefits

  • Market protection with limited competitors or exclusive right.
  • Price support.
  • Technical support.
  • Brand support.
  • Channel promotion support.
  • Marketing information sharing.

Your profile & commitment

  • Have rich experience in GPS tracking business.
  • Have professional technical and sales team.
  • Have well-established distribution channel and marketing capability.
  • Identify with Rope, and be willing to work together to explore local market.

How Rope partners accelerate your growth

Because we know about your “Pains”:
1. No web platform & APP
2. No durable hardware
3. No technical support in time
4. No stable and safe server
5. No multi reports on platform

And we have “Pain Relievers” for you:
1. We provide both hardware and software
2. Trackers work for > 5 years without issues
3. We provide 24/7 technical support
4. Cluster cloud server never goes down
5. All kinds of reports to meet your needs.

What else you can GAIN from us?
1. Accurate location
2. Durable for > 5 years
3. Many GPS tracking solutions
4. Short delivery time
5. 100% tested before delivery
6. Accept customization

1. Web platform & mobile APP
2. Stable, fast and safe
3. SSL certificated
4. Compatible with various tracker models
5. Multi-languages
6. Accept homepage customization

You want become a partner?

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